DJ Form Smashes The Dancefloor!

For your summer parties, pool hangouts, get togethers, or just to get your groove on to, DJ Form has cooked up a trilogy of high energy dance and EDM mixes.  More details coming soon on where/how to download them, but in the meantime, click the links to start the party!!!!


DJ Form – Club Life Vol. 2 Mixtape

Alright, I’m not sure if this is going to LOOK right or cool, because I’m doing the posting this time. Our blog setup/posting guru, Nate Thacker is out at the moment.

But, if it doesn’t look as cool as his posts, let’s at least hope it sounds great.

Here’s a new mix of some of the hottest club/dance/pop songs out there. Download, enjoy, dance, spread the link around to everyone in the world…repeat!

Part 2 of this mix is coming next Wednesday, so bump this one for all your weekend activities and get ready for more!

If you enjoy the mix, tweet the link out to all the artists who you hear in the mix, so they can enjoy it too!

Peace and blessings!
DJ Form

Free Music,,,Thursday?

So, is this one of those, better late than never type situations? We’d appreciate it if it was.

Yesterday was supposed to be Free Music Wednesday. Yesterday, however, turned into a very busy day very fast. This is not an excuse. This is a reality. We are currently in a situation where we are doing everything ourselves and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We have definitely made a commitment to keep you all music’d up and bump, bumpin til the break of dawn every week! So, here we are. And to make it up to you we are releasing an oldie-but-goodie of ours. It’s a remix we did of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls. We did this remix a couple of years ago when the song first came out and have since always gotten a great response from it. It’s definitely one of our more mellowed out remixes, but if you know anything about us, you’ll know we LOVE this type of thing!

So, download away, pass it on, and leave a comment and let us know what you think!!!


Ric and the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase.


Here is Ric with his Next Great Dynamic Blog Post! Enjoy!

Hey, all! Just wanted to give a quick update on the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase that I was involved in this past weekend. Dynamic Producer is a great company that is really trying to give up-and-coming producers some cool opportunities. They asked me to come up and do a panel called “Beats, Grind, and Life” with Hi-Tek and Kill Will. If you don’t know who those producers are, you NEED to Google them. Not only are they super talented producers, but they are some of the coolest dudes ever. I can’t wait to work with them on some music!

1 Shot Management was there as well to share some of their knowledge and experience with everyone, and to judge the producer showcase competition.  Congrats to DJ Corbett for winning the competition. There was so much great music from all the producers who entered.

It was an amazing experience for me to get to go back to my hometown of Cincinnati, and be a part of this. Coming from Cincinnati, I know that there is a great crop of talent from there, but it was great to actually experience it.

Producers also came from as far as Indianapolis, Chicago, Philly, and other spots. I love the vibe of events like this, where there is a mutual respect for each other, and it’s genuinely fun.

Felisha Booker and her team with Dynamic Producer put on a very professional showcase, but it didn’t feel too stuffy or “industry.”  I loved that. It really was about the music, the respect of each other’s talents, sharing knowledge and experience, and building good relationships. I can see myself doing a lot of work with Dynamic Producer in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, Hip-Hop and R&B music is where I came from, so it has a special place in my heart. To be able to do things that may help new producers in those genres is very fulfilling to me…and to do it in the town where I first came to love music was even better!


Follow these folks on twitter!

Hi-Tek – @hitek

Kill Will – @killwillmusic

Felisha Booker & Dynamic Producer – @dynamicproducer

1 Shot Management – @1_Shot

DJ Corbett – @djcorbettBLM

In the pic:  Hi-Tek, Felisha Booker, DJ Form, Kill Will

New Music Wednesday poll!

Hola muchachos y muchachas! We’re going to take a little poll to see what we should name our New Music Wednesday posts. Go ahead and click on which ever name you like best! We’d love to see what you think about what we have so far. Vote for your favorite! Leave us a comment if you think you can top these submissions!


What should we name New Music Wednesday?

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New Music Wednesday 2!

Okay, we’re back with our second free music Wednesday. We had a few good suggestions for the official title of what our free music day should be called, but we have yet to find that magic! Leave us some more comments on what you think it should be called. There might even be some magic in it for you as well!

This week is one that we are particularly excited about because it’s a DJ Form mixtape exclusive! Download over an hour of seamlessly mixed dance, club, and party hits to keep your butt moving all weekend! This mix is guaranteed to move the crowd at whatever you have planned this weekend. Or, you can just slam dance to it on your iPod, in your car or bedroom if you’re dippin on the lonely. Be careful with the slam dancing in the car though!

It’s over an hour long, so make sure you have a high-speed internet connection to download this file.

This is the first in a series of many mixes and mixtapes from DJ Form that we’re going to be releasing, so we hope you enjoy and get ready for more!


Click the down arrow on the right to download!

DJ Form Club Mix #1 by djform

(Insert free music Wednesday title here)

We’re giving away our Adele remix for (insert free music Wednesday title here). We’re very excited to finally be getting this to you to bump and bump as you see fit. We’ve really appreciated all the love you’ve given us! So, pass along the link to this post to whom ever you may come across on this road of life. Be it, Grandma or your local radio station DJ!

Also, we’d like an awesome name for our free music Wednesday. We’ve got some ideas, but we’d like you to be involved! Leave us a comment on this post and make it good because we’re only allowing one guess per person, just to make it interesting. Aside from the potential naming of our music day for all time and eternity, there may also be some extra rewards that go along with it!

So download the remix and bump it hard while you think of your submission!!!!


To download, click “download” on the player. That will take you to our Bandcamp site where you can download away!!!

Incorporated Elements. New and better than ever!

Welcome to the new home for all things Incorporated Elements!  Our friends sometimes call us “I.E.” for short…that means you can too.


     We’ve had for a couple of years now. In fact, our first post was on July 9, 2009 entitled, “The beginning is here.” Well, here we are, a little over two years later and we’re feeling like a new and more exciting beginning is here.


     With all the changes technology is bringing to the music industry, one very important aspect stands out. The new age of connectivity has given ANYONE who does music, the opportunity to reach EVERY music lover in the world just by creating a place where they can come and get it. That being said, we felt our “place” was lacking in some major ways.


                                                 “…get ready, because tomorrow will be
                                                                                  the first release, so spread the word!”


     If you have ever seen our old blog, then you know that our first, “no brainer” was the look. We decided it was time to look our best for you and our new layout has us looking as fresh as we feel! Our second, “no brainer” was that we have a LOT of music sitting. Music we have created. Music we love. Music just waiting to be heard. BUT NO LONGER! When we ‘re excited about something we think you all should hear, we’re going put it out. Simple as that.


     Along with our music, we want you to get to know Eric, Nate, Ric and the rest of the Incorporated Elements family better. We will be posting videos of things we are doing in, and out of studio, artist and songwriters we are currently working with, maybe throw in some contests, add a sprinkle of good times and maybe we’ll just see where this thing goes huh?


     We will be putting out a lot of FREE music through this blog. Starting out, we plan on giving you at least one thing to download every week!  Eventually we hope to be delivering as much to you all as we can. But for now, get ready, because tomorrow will be the first release, so spread the word! Any guesses on what it could be?


     We are so excited to bring this new chapter in the I.E story to you.  We truly hope that you (and eventually millions of others) will join in on this journey. We have some big plans, dreams, and visions that we will share more of over time, so please spend some time with us, leave a comment and keep coming back!




P.S. This blog is still a work in progress. You’ll notice some links don’t go anywhere, or there’s nothing showing up wherever they do go, BUT, that just means there’s more good stuff coming. The links and pages that are nothing right now will eventually be filled with fantastic wonders of glory!


On the road again…Trip number 2!

Nate & Eric and a big rock

Tomorrow, we’re doing it all over again with our second cross country road trip. The first one was a blast, full of good music (thanks to you), good coffee, good food, and great times, and we’re excited to do it all over again, this time for good. You can follow our adventures on Twitter at @iemediagroup. Also, we’ll be doing updates each morning on our YouTube channel: We’re doing the same route this time as last time (Tacoma-Portland-Boise-Salt Lake-Denver-Kansas City-St Louis-Nashville), so if we’re coming to your area, let us know so we can shout you out. Also, be sure to subscribe, as we’ll continue these updates from the studio (and other musical locales) in Nashville once we get settled. So the fun will keep on coming long after this trip is in the books.

Thank you each and every one of you for your comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube during our first trip-we see each one, and had a great time reading them. Keep them coming-we love hearing from you all.

Until next time…

Nashville or bust.

Nate and his steed

DJ our road trip!


So with Nate and Eric moving cross-country over the next couple of weeks, we’ve been doing a lot of planning, trying to ensure that the process is smooth as possible. We thought we covered all of our bases-until we took stock in our travel time. We will be driving to Nashville from Washington state-not once-but twice, which makes for A LOT of driving. And we all three agree-every road trip needs theme music.

This is where you come in.

We need suggestions. Sure, we have our favorite music already queued up, but you can only listen to Pat Benatar’s greatest hits so many times before you need a switch. If you have music that you feel we need to have for the trips, let us know, and we’ll go to iTunes and check it out. We’ll try to keep you all updated via our twitter (@iemediagroup) which of your suggestions we’re listening to on the trip, and where in the country we’re listening to them. And if we really love the music, you may even get a shout-out. 🙂

Thank you for your help!