NMW! Easy McCoy – Another Day (Ft. Tony Ozier)

It’s a Hip-Hop Wednesday in here and today, we’re releasing an IE original with Easy McCoy. We did this song for Film and TV and it has since been placed in the Fox TV Show, ‘Lie To Me,” and with more interest coming in, we’re sure there will be more placements to come in 2012. We have been in the studio with Easy a lot this past year so look out for more coming from Incorporated Elements, Easy McCoy and Liquid Assets!

Download away and bumpskis all day!!!

Check out Easy McCoy and Liquid Assets at the links provided below!


Easy McCoy Twitter 

Easy McCoy Blog 

Easy McCoy Tumblr 

Liquid Assets Website

NMW!!! Ludacris & T.I. – Wish You Would – IE Rock Remix.

It’s that time of week and you already know Incoporated Elements is here with some free music for your hard-core Thankgiving! So, when the family gets around the table to give thanks, tell them you’re thankful for IE and melt their faces off with the NMW offering!




DJ Form Weekend Mix: Hip-Hop Vol. 1

Hey everyone! DJ Form is back this week with a Hip-Hop mix! There’s a lot of great stuff in here including some Incorporated Elements beats sprinkled throughout! Pass it to all your friends and bump, bump all weekend!


DJ Form Hip Hop Mix 1 by djform

Nick Carter remix album featuring Incorporated Elements!!!


Hey friends! We are excited to announce that our remix of Nick Carter’s, “Not The Other Guy” is featured on his remix album entitled  “I’m Taking Off: Relaunched & Remixed”. It just came out today so go HERE to download it from iTunes. #10 is the track so download and, as always, bump and bump hard!

We can’t forget a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us out by voting for our remix during the competition. We really couldn’t have done it without you!

IE baby!

NMW!!! Flo Rida – Who Dat Girl (Incorporated Elements Remix)

This week’s New Music Wednesday (NMW for shortsies) features an Incoporated Elements remix of Flo Rida’s Who Dat Girl. Like last week’s remix, this one is also smoothed out but with an updated IE sound. We did this remix on request last year and have decided it’s time for the world to hear! Enjoy and bumpskis all day! Also, don’t forget the handy “Like” and “Tweet” and “Share” buttons at the bottom so all your friends can be in the loop too!


Free Music,,,Thursday?

So, is this one of those, better late than never type situations? We’d appreciate it if it was.

Yesterday was supposed to be Free Music Wednesday. Yesterday, however, turned into a very busy day very fast. This is not an excuse. This is a reality. We are currently in a situation where we are doing everything ourselves and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We have definitely made a commitment to keep you all music’d up and bump, bumpin til the break of dawn every week! So, here we are. And to make it up to you we are releasing an oldie-but-goodie of ours. It’s a remix we did of Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls. We did this remix a couple of years ago when the song first came out and have since always gotten a great response from it. It’s definitely one of our more mellowed out remixes, but if you know anything about us, you’ll know we LOVE this type of thing!

So, download away, pass it on, and leave a comment and let us know what you think!!!


Ric and the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase.


Here is Ric with his Next Great Dynamic Blog Post! Enjoy!

Hey, all! Just wanted to give a quick update on the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase that I was involved in this past weekend. Dynamic Producer is a great company that is really trying to give up-and-coming producers some cool opportunities. They asked me to come up and do a panel called “Beats, Grind, and Life” with Hi-Tek and Kill Will. If you don’t know who those producers are, you NEED to Google them. Not only are they super talented producers, but they are some of the coolest dudes ever. I can’t wait to work with them on some music!

1 Shot Management was there as well to share some of their knowledge and experience with everyone, and to judge the producer showcase competition.  Congrats to DJ Corbett for winning the competition. There was so much great music from all the producers who entered.

It was an amazing experience for me to get to go back to my hometown of Cincinnati, and be a part of this. Coming from Cincinnati, I know that there is a great crop of talent from there, but it was great to actually experience it.

Producers also came from as far as Indianapolis, Chicago, Philly, and other spots. I love the vibe of events like this, where there is a mutual respect for each other, and it’s genuinely fun.

Felisha Booker and her team with Dynamic Producer put on a very professional showcase, but it didn’t feel too stuffy or “industry.”  I loved that. It really was about the music, the respect of each other’s talents, sharing knowledge and experience, and building good relationships. I can see myself doing a lot of work with Dynamic Producer in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, Hip-Hop and R&B music is where I came from, so it has a special place in my heart. To be able to do things that may help new producers in those genres is very fulfilling to me…and to do it in the town where I first came to love music was even better!


Follow these folks on twitter!

Hi-Tek – @hitek

Kill Will – @killwillmusic

Felisha Booker & Dynamic Producer – @dynamicproducer

1 Shot Management – @1_Shot

DJ Corbett – @djcorbettBLM

In the pic:  Hi-Tek, Felisha Booker, DJ Form, Kill Will

Free Music Wednesday! I.E. feat. Chris Ray – Ready For Love (India.Arie Remix/Cover)

Friendships! This week, we bring to you a track we are quite fond of. We got in the studio with a friend of ours, Chris Ray a while ago and thought it would be great to simultaneously remix and cover one of our favorite India.Arie songs.

So here it is! And, in true IE fashion, we had to throw a lil sumn at the end.



Friday: Ric will fill us in about the Next Dynamic Producer conference he spoke at over the weekend!

Kelly Clarkson STRONGER out now!!!

Hey friends! Just a quick little note saying how excited we are that Kelly’s album is finally here! Go get your copy of the deluxe album with the bonus EP which features 2 live performances of our remixes for If I Can’t Have You and You Love Me!

You can get the Deluxe Album + Bonus EP HERE!

Once you get your copy and hear the remixes, let us know what you think! You can leave a comment on this here post! We want to hear from as many of you as we can so tell your friends!

Cheers to Kelly for another amazing album!

IE (aka Kelly fans for life!)

New Music Wednesday poll!

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