NMW! Jessie J – Domino (IE Remix)

This week, we remixed another Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly and Jessie J smasher! Of course, you know IE needs to take it to a whole ‘nother sector. So we do what we did how we do it and are really enjoying listening to this one! We hope you all enjoy and spread the word that IE does it like no one else in the game!

Bump, bump away!!!


NMW and Next Week’s NMW!!!

Hey peoples!

We are in the process of working on two brand new remixes for y’alls ears. We gave you a little taste of what next weeks will be, and if you’ve been observant, you may already know what the one after that will be 😉

We’re really excited about this next phase for I.E.. Last year we made a move to focus on our strengths. This year, will be one of NEW music and OUR sound. We’ve decided to stop putting ourselves in the boxes of what the industry is sounding like at the moment and focus on how we will be shaping the sound of the industry in the future and we’re pretty excited about it!

We’ll also be continuing to do our best to keep you all in the loop with updates on things that are happening @inc_elements and posting as much new music as we can. Obviously, as you’ve all seen, we haven’t been able to be as consistent as we want to be with our blog and posting new music and with that, we thank you for being so supportive and patient. While we may not be able to hit EVERY Wednesday with a NMW, WE GON’ TRY DANGIT!!!!  So, that being said….

This NMW is a track that we did back in ’08! It was one Eric and I did before we officially teamed up with Ric as the @inc_elements you know and love today! Back then, we were called Winona Drive Productions and as you will hear, we loved to save what we thought were the best bits of the song for last. Generally, we would start the song really tiny and slow-build to a gigantic, speaker-pounding finish around the five-minute mark, not to mention our never-ending, ever-loving, love affair with off-the-wall outros! Looking back, we were very self-indulgent, and it was…just fantastic. Take a trip down WDP memory lane with us won’t you? Enjoy!

WD-,,,,I mean, IE:)

We also have a propensity for weird track names:)