Nick Carter – Not The Other Guy (I.E. Remix) Update!


First off we want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for us in the first round of the remix contest. At the end of general voting we were in 4th place and when all was said and done we were one of two runners-up out of almost 100 tracks submitted for that specific contest.

A big, huge thank you to all of you who voted. While Nick ultimately was the final say in who would place in the contest, it was you who got us to the top to be noticed!

There may also be some more news regarding this contest and our remix, but once we have all the details, we’ll let you know.

For now, you can bump the remix from this post so bump and bump hard. Even though it’s kind of a mellow track but still…

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Monday will be a very special post for us so make sure you come back to see what it is!




(Insert free music Wednesday title here)

We’re giving away our Adele remix for (insert free music Wednesday title here). We’re very excited to finally be getting this to you to bump and bump as you see fit. We’ve really appreciated all the love you’ve given us! So, pass along the link to this post to whom ever you may come across on this road of life. Be it, Grandma or your local radio station DJ!

Also, we’d like an awesome name for our free music Wednesday. We’ve got some ideas, but we’d like you to be involved! Leave us a comment on this post and make it good because we’re only allowing one guess per person, just to make it interesting. Aside from the potential naming of our music day for all time and eternity, there may also be some extra rewards that go along with it!

So download the remix and bump it hard while you think of your submission!!!!


To download, click “download” on the player. That will take you to our Bandcamp site where you can download away!!!