DJ Form First Mix Of The Summer Is Up!!!!

Alright, people!  I’m back.  It’s been a while since I’ve put up a new mix.  Things have been crazy in Incorporated Elements world…a good crazy.  Super busy with tons of new stuff.  But, that should be no excuse for me taking so long to get a new mix up.

Finally, it’s here.  Over an hour of some of the hottest dance, pop, club, electronic music out today.  I hope you enjoy it, and it kicks off your summer fun with some dancing!  Please let me know what you think about it.  This is just part one of my Summer dance series, and there are going to be more mixes in different genres as well coming soon.

My plan is to keep your Summer full of hot mixes for every occasion.  I’ve put a couple links below…one of them even has a download link, so you can take the mix everywhere you go!


You can also post your video to instagram and tag DJ_Form or on Vine and tag DJ Form. (I’m brand new to Vine, so there may not be anything on my page there yet) 🙂 Have fun! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Thanks for listening.

DJ Form

DJ Form 2014 Bring the Heat Summer Dance Mix Pt. 1 by Dj Form on Mixcloud

DJ Form Put It On Blast – Jill and Kate

Alright, people, I’m back with another edition of #djformputitonblast.  This time, I want you all to know about some very talented ladies who I just happen to call good friends as well.  I met Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier when we all toured with Kelly Clarkson.  I first met them in 2007, when I briefly worked with them all in California for a few months, and then was reunited with them in 2009, when I joined KC’s band full time.  Three years of touring and hanging with them made me like them even more.  Great artists, great songwriters, and even better people.  They have both become so special to me and my whole family.  They actually hang out with my wife, Gaby, more than me now.  🙂

Jill and Kate recently released a full album called, “Heart Of Stone”. If you don’t have it, click the link and go get it now! And, just the other day, they released their first video from that album to a song called, “What Do You Say”. Great summer-chill-out-with-some-sweet-tea-in-the-backyard-song.

Please go check out the video and the album and support these awesome ladies as they do their own thing!  Follow them on Twitter @JillandKate and like them on FaceBook (Jill And Kate) too!

If you share this post, don’t forget to tag it #djformputitonblast.

Turn it on, turn it up, and put it on blast!


DJ Form

DJ Form Put It On Blast – JOHNNYSWIM

Hey, all, I am starting a new weekly update here on the blog called, “Put It On Blast” to share with you all some of my favorite music and artists at the moment.  Today’s is going to be just a very quick one, because I want to get it out there fast for you all to hear.

In this music industry crowded with sound-a-likes and wannabes, genuine, true artistry deserves the chance to stand out and be heard by the masses.  One such group is JOHNNYSWIM.  Made up of husband and wife duo  Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, JOHNNYSWIM is definitely worth a listen (or a few hundred listens).  Check the video for their new single and their YouTube channel to become an instant fan!

If you have something you want me to check out, tweet me (@djform7 or @inc_elements) with the hashtag #djformputitonblast

DJ Form

Heart Beats – JOHNNYSWIM

DJ Form – Summer 2013 Jump Off Club Mix!

We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had any posts here, and we apologize for taking so long. A lot has happened since the last post, and we’ll be updating you on all of those things as they become relevant to the future of Incorporated Elements.

One thing we are looking at is doing a redesign of the site here, giving it a bit of a fresh look for 2013 and beyond. Hopefully that will come in the next week or so. Be on the lookout for much more from us in the near future, but first….

Here in the U.S., we are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend which is the official beginning of our Summer. This weekend is filled with lots of parties and outdoor activities, so DJ Form has come back with a high energy mixtape to be the soundtrack to your festivities. If you’re not in the U.S. or not celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, this mix is still for you. It’s guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping and get you ready for any parties, dancing, or get-togethers this weekend…or just roll down the windows in your car and let it blast as you drive!

Mixed like a live club set, DJ Form gives you over an hour of your favorite music edited, remixed, and mixed together seamlessly.

For those of you who have followed DJ Form as a tour DJ and are fans of the last artist he toured with extensively, there are a couple surprises in this mix just for you…including an exclusive Incorporated Elements remix to one of her latest hit singles that is very dear to us not available anywhere else.

Enjoy and spread the word for everyone you know to come here and download it for FREE!  Check other posts on the site here for more free downloads.

Thanks again for all of your support. It really means the world to us.

DJ Form: End Of Summer Pop Mixtape!

Summer is coming to an end, but it’s not too late to party a little more! And, if you do, here’s a fun little mixtape of some of the biggest pop songs of the year so far.

Not taking himself too seriously, DJ Form of Incorporated Elements blends some hot pop songs and cool remixes together as the soundtrack to your last hurrah of the summer of 2012. If you are a music snob…this mix is NOT for you…fair warning…it’s just good, clean fun.

Enjoy…and, as always, share, pass the link around, tell the world!

thanks again for all of your support of all things Incorporated Elements.

More new music and surprises coming soon!

I.E. and Gotye! Somebody That I Used To Know Remix!!!

Okay. Before you roll your eyes at the fact that ANOTHER set of producers is remixing this song- just hold on a second would ya? I.E. had to do it. I.E. style. I.E. fashion. This is another one of our more mellowed-out, smooth jams. We decided to swap out the quirkiness of the original with a little emotion to go with the lyrical content. So turn your lamps down low and chill to the sultry-smooth; altogether-hide-inside-yourself version of this song.



P.S. – We apologize for leaving you guys hanging so long between NMW posts. We’ve been working on some great things for the future of I.E. over here, so it’s been tough to keep up with posting every week. With the relaunch of NMW this week, we are going to do our best to give you new music to download at least twice a month. We’ll shoot for more, but it may be more realistic for us to give you cool stuff if we only commit to two in a month. But, be on the lookout for more officially released music and songs from Incorporated Elements…we’ve been working on some really awesome things that will be rolling out over the coming months!

IE on TV

Just wanted to drop a quick blog post to let you all know of our latest licensing placement. As many of you know, we here at Incorporated Elements have had over 450 placements in film, television, video games, and advertisements. Below is a link to our newest. It is the new Gillette razor commercial featuring Olympic runner, Tyson Gay. We are very excited about this placement and hope you enjoy it as well.

If you are a music supervisor, film/TV production company, or ad firm reading this, please contact us, so we can work with you on your next project as well!

NMW! The Music Behind The Remixes!

This week for New Music Wednesday, we are going to do something we’ve never done before. We have created an album of some of our best remix instrumentals. If you’ve enjoyed the full versions of these songs, you’ll love the instrumentals too. You can rock out to them and even put your own vocals on them and send them to us, so we can hear you sing or rap over an IE track!

We are using Noisetrade for the first time, so please let us know what you think of it. We are offering this album for free, as we do with all of our NMW, but on Noisetrade, there is an option to pick a “tip” amount if you’d like. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO GIVE US A TIP. If you want to support us that way, we definitely appreciate it, because it gives us the opportunity to be able to spend the time to create even more for you guys. But, you are not required to leave a tip to get the album. And, if you do decide to tip, you can slide the little “slider-thingy” to change the amount…you don’t have to tip what they have requested on the site.

There are other ways for you to help promote this on our Noisetrade artist page, so feel free to help us out by promoting it too.

We are really trying to find the absolute best ways to get free music to you and promote Incorporated Elements the best way possible.  So, your feedback is appreciated.

This is a Noisetrade exclusive album, so make sure you pick it up there, because it’s the only place you’ll be able to get it…ever…no, really…ever. 🙂


NMW! Jessie J – Domino (IE Remix)

This week, we remixed another Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly and Jessie J smasher! Of course, you know IE needs to take it to a whole ‘nother sector. So we do what we did how we do it and are really enjoying listening to this one! We hope you all enjoy and spread the word that IE does it like no one else in the game!

Bump, bump away!!!