NMW! The Music Behind The Remixes!

This week for New Music Wednesday, we are going to do something we’ve never done before. We have created an album of some of our best remix instrumentals. If you’ve enjoyed the full versions of these songs, you’ll love the instrumentals too. You can rock out to them and even put your own vocals on them and send them to us, so we can hear you sing or rap over an IE track!

We are using Noisetrade for the first time, so please let us know what you think of it. We are offering this album for free, as we do with all of our NMW, but on Noisetrade, there is an option to pick a “tip” amount if you’d like. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO GIVE US A TIP. If you want to support us that way, we definitely appreciate it, because it gives us the opportunity to be able to spend the time to create even more for you guys. But, you are not required to leave a tip to get the album. And, if you do decide to tip, you can slide the little “slider-thingy” to change the amount…you don’t have to tip what they have requested on the site.

There are other ways for you to help promote this on our Noisetrade artist page, so feel free to help us out by promoting it too.

We are really trying to find the absolute best ways to get free music to you and promote Incorporated Elements the best way possible.  So, your feedback is appreciated.

This is a Noisetrade exclusive album, so make sure you pick it up there, because it’s the only place you’ll be able to get it…ever…no, really…ever. 🙂


2 thoughts on “NMW! The Music Behind The Remixes!”

  1. Let’s say we did want to leave a tip, where might this tip jar be located on Noisetrade’s site? 😉

  2. Great question! If you’re on our artist page on Noisetrade, you’ll see the Tip button to the right of where you can download or listen to the album. It has a little slider thing on it. I think they default it to $12, but you can slide it back and forth until you land on a number that “just feels right” 🙂

    And, then you click the “tip” button…you can tip with card or paypal.

    thanks for that question, Carly!

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