NMW!!! First-Of-The-Year Surprise!

We’re back with a surprise for the first NMW of the year!!! We’re pretty confident you’re going to love it, which will then cause you to run and tell everyone you know and spam and blast every website on the webiverse until the day it falls apaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrt!!! GO!!!

IE baby!


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Incorporated Elements

Incorporated Elements is Eric Olson, Ric Robbins and Nate Thacker.

9 thoughts on “NMW!!! First-Of-The-Year Surprise!”

  1. Two thumbs up again y’all!!! Love love love!! Not just cause its KC either lol! I like that y’all remixed a bonus track from AIEW instead of a mainstream. And “the day we fell apart” was my favorite of the two Bonus tracks Woop Woop! I <3 NMW

  2. This is so freaking good man!!! So bad you won’t be part of the band for the tour! (you won’t, right?)

  3. DUDE. this is KILLER always loved the song, but this ughh, i cant describe it. its awesome. you have so pretty sweet remixes.
    I love what you guys did with You Love Me. its awesome!

  4. There is a new link on the blog post that will direct you to our Soundcloud account. You should be able to download it there-thanks for the support!

  5. Seriously cannot say enough good things about you guys! This song kicks!!!! Seriously, sooo much better than some of its current counterparts on radio as of late! Awesome!

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