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  1. Willie Miller aka optimusrhyme aka coolchillwill songwriter from Spartanburg SC. Gospel rap recording artist and clean love songs,Poetry book and screenplays. I am trying to get Music Management contract and get CD remastered and Distribution deals ECT. This has been my goal and dream to make it my CD is on amazon,com and other music websites MY CD is called laying the smack down on the devil. I would like to send my music too you. I would like to have your ok first. Sincerely Willie Miller 864-606-7693

  2. Hi Ric,

    I am an Australian based non-performing songwriter and composer and have won the 2015 Australian Songwriters Association Contest in the Pop-Dance Category with 11 songs shortlisted at Top 30 category. I have got 5 tracks in Top 20 in Australia’s Songs Alive songwriting comp in 2016.

    My debut release track “AEIOU” released in 2014 was released by A&R Department and now by published by Embassy Publishing. My past releases have been aired on both commercial and community FM channels across Australia. My recent 2016 release “Deep Down” this year was with X-Factor artist Mary Ann Van Der Horst which has been aired on many commercial FM and community AIRiT radio channels and the “Deep Down” video got more than 30,000 views and rising !

    Please do check out my website (www.anirbanjee.com), soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/anirbanjee) and facebook (www.facebook.com/anirbanjee) page for my sample tracks.

    Please let me know if you are interested in any of my sample tracks on my catalogue.


    Anirban Jee
    Canberra, Australia
    Mobile: 0406305098

  3. Hello How Are You My Name Is SPHiNX. I’m A Upcoming Authentic Original Artist Looking For A Promising Outlet to help me Broaden my horizons and help me expand and better myself as an artist and be apart of a historic legacy Driven Business and you guys have built that.I don’t feel there’s no better label In The Music industry better then you guys for me too broadcast my Talent too. I’m Not Here To Take Up Your Time In Anyway. I’m Just Contacting You Right Now To Genuinely Show You Some Of My Work and Hopefully get some feed back from you of some sort. God Bless.

    Below is 3 of my lastest Visuals that Ive Done:




    Just in case here’s my lastest tape also well Titled SUPREME BEING:


  4. J-enigma, an extreme artist apart of the Next Level World movement will be releasing an album that will forever change hiphop. The album called Black Gold is all about the beauty of our desires and how we will loose everything important in life to live out our dreams. With trump in power everyone is after the gold but they don’t see the blackness behind it. Black Gold is the description of J-Enigmas lifestyle where he seeks perfection in anything he participates with but explains the evil behind it. The album explains the past year of this artist who has been beaten physically, emotional and sacrificed friends/ education to turn these dreams into a reality. His family coming from Jamaica has gone through some dark times living and grinding on the east coast and this album sheds to light some issues that go on in these suburban neighborhoods that make the ghetto seem like a vacation spot. He has traveled up and down the East Coast and recorded tracks in Port Antonio Jamaica with up-incoming Dancehall artist, and has been working behind the scenes in the EDM world for promotion and mixing style. The album musically has influences from EDM, Hiphop, Dancehall, Dub, and even indie in order to explain all the vibes that this artist went through to achieve this level of greatness. Along with the music the J-enigma brand has included the fashion line Next Level World as a visual representation of this grind and the all or nothing lifestyle.
    In order to put the Art, music, Fashion, under one umbrella he is currently finishing a music video series that has a visual representation for each song on the album. Right now 5 music videos have been completed and are in line to being marketed/vevo sponsorship that will be tied to a release of 5 songs on Soundcloud to bring up hype before the album drops. Right now we are in search of booking agents/managers that could help orchestrate a tour of help put together some shows to draw maximum attention for this album. Last year J-Enigma opened up for Wacka Flocka and has been performing through the Tri-State region but needs a more dedicated team to organize shows/release etc. J-Enigma has a flexible budget and released his last album internationally through Blingnot media out of Fish-town Records in Philly and at the moment he has created a new Soundlcloud for this new album with PR campaigns that will be in full effect by summer. Please let me know how we can get started and look forward to hearing from you thanks!

  5. If u would take this as a submission that would be great. I can guarantee if you took 2secs to take a peak you wouldn’t be disappointed. It would be a good look definitely.

  6. Hi, I have some songs I would like to get licensed…I have music xray but I’m skeptical in sharing my unreleased songs randomly…is there a way I can pitch these songs to you in a more discreet fashion? Thank you for your time


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