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Okay, so it’s taken me waaaaay to long to start this blog, but that is what life is like on the road sometimes…  🙂  Here are a couple videos to get you started experiencing a little of what is going on out there.  It’s been a blast so far touring with Kelly Clarkson and the rest of the band and the crew.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates from the road as we go on through December!

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Incorporated Elements is Eric Olson, Ric Robbins and Nate Thacker.

2 thoughts on “KC update 1”

  1. Kelly is the best singer ever! She is so down to earth and she just does not care about her weight! I LOVE that!! She looks so cute when she’s a little chubby and people calling her fat should just … yea i’m not gonna write that xD Haha!

    I want to meet her so bad 🙁 I’m litterally crying sometimes because she means everything to me and i cry all the time when i see her live because it’s too big for me to understand. I still can’t believe she signed my hand outside the venue in Copenhagen, when she was gone after singing i just turned around and hugged my boyfriend and cried for 20 minutes!! I know and absolutely LOVE all her songs and i’m not just saying it, it’s true! I love every single song of hers! Sometimes i cry because it’s so unfair that there is people around her all the time. All the time people who don’t give a damn about her see, meet, hug her and it’s killing me! I would do ANYTHING to meet her, just to sit down with her and talk serious with her for just one hour. That would make my life! Then i could die as a happy woman. I hope i will someday win meet&greet with her! It kills me to see people get in to meet her and i could see they did not care! I was talking with one of the girls going in and she didn’t even tell me that she was meeting her! I would freak out all day long if i got to meet her! It’s so unfair 🙁 “i wish you knew” from i hate myself for hating you; i wish she knew, i wish she knew and oh i don’t know what to say and i don’t know anyway anymore. I seriously feel that way.
    It’s so unfair :'( .. i hope there is a 1% chance that she will read this. Or someone close to her. Probably not but worth a try! To her next show here in Denmark i’ll write a very personal letter to her. I’ve already started writing it 😉

    Love, Jeanne from Denmark!

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