It’s the Glamorous…

Labeling and archiving. Things like these are the things that make me excited to be a musician.

Not really…

But wow, I’ve been spending a lot of time doing this these past couple of months. The more music we do, and the more artists/musicians we represent, the more I am seeing this as a crucial part of my day. The need to be able to grab and send out whatever music is requested, right when its requested, is becoming the norm right now in the industry, prompting us to be on our p’s and q’s when it comes to file organization.

Speaking of organization, we’ve also been getting things organized on our end, so that we can begin posting photos, audio, and video of what we do as Incorporated Elements. Look for those posts coming soon.

But for now…time to do some archiving. 🙂

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Incorporated Elements is Eric Olson, Ric Robbins and Nate Thacker.

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