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Welcome to the new home for all things Incorporated Elements!  Our friends sometimes call us “I.E.” for short…that means you can too.


     We’ve had for a couple of years now. In fact, our first post was on July 9, 2009 entitled, “The beginning is here.” Well, here we are, a little over two years later and we’re feeling like a new and more exciting beginning is here.


     With all the changes technology is bringing to the music industry, one very important aspect stands out. The new age of connectivity has given ANYONE who does music, the opportunity to reach EVERY music lover in the world just by creating a place where they can come and get it. That being said, we felt our “place” was lacking in some major ways.


                                                 “…get ready, because tomorrow will be
                                                                                  the first release, so spread the word!”


     If you have ever seen our old blog, then you know that our first, “no brainer” was the look. We decided it was time to look our best for you and our new layout has us looking as fresh as we feel! Our second, “no brainer” was that we have a LOT of music sitting. Music we have created. Music we love. Music just waiting to be heard. BUT NO LONGER! When we ‘re excited about something we think you all should hear, we’re going put it out. Simple as that.


     Along with our music, we want you to get to know Eric, Nate, Ric and the rest of the Incorporated Elements family better. We will be posting videos of things we are doing in, and out of studio, artist and songwriters we are currently working with, maybe throw in some contests, add a sprinkle of good times and maybe we’ll just see where this thing goes huh?


     We will be putting out a lot of FREE music through this blog. Starting out, we plan on giving you at least one thing to download every week!  Eventually we hope to be delivering as much to you all as we can. But for now, get ready, because tomorrow will be the first release, so spread the word! Any guesses on what it could be?


     We are so excited to bring this new chapter in the I.E story to you.  We truly hope that you (and eventually millions of others) will join in on this journey. We have some big plans, dreams, and visions that we will share more of over time, so please spend some time with us, leave a comment and keep coming back!




P.S. This blog is still a work in progress. You’ll notice some links don’t go anywhere, or there’s nothing showing up wherever they do go, BUT, that just means there’s more good stuff coming. The links and pages that are nothing right now will eventually be filled with fantastic wonders of glory!


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Incorporated Elements is Eric Olson, Ric Robbins and Nate Thacker.

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