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Okay, I recently put out a tweet that we have been kicking around the idea of doing an album.  We love working with other artists and writing and producing for other people…but, we have kind of been itching to do something of our own.  Something that is determined by what we want to do…not by what a label or other artist wants us to do.

We would like to hear from you, though.  We are VERY appreciative of anyone who likes anything we’ve done or been a part of, and think that the music listener is super important to us.  Therefore, we want your thoughts…should it be hip-hop, pop, R&B, dance, dubstep, rock, country (well, maybe not country)?  Or maybe a bit of all of that rolled into one?

Should we try to get signed artists on it, or should we work exclusively with independent artists…or both?  We don’t have a ton of “clout” (or money), so don’t expect us to be able to score a song with any of your favorite big time artists.  Give us your suggestions, though, cuz  you never know! 🙂

We are going to take our time with this and not rush it, so it may take a while.  This is just the beginning stage, and we wanted to find out if anyone would even be interested enough in it to buy it or would we have to give it away just to get people to listen to it?  🙂

Over the next few weeks, we want to hear from you ALL…please pass this blog link around, because we want as much feedback as possible.

For us, it’s about making music that music listeners want to hear while staying true to who we are, so give us your input!

Also, as we endeavor to make this album (IF WE INDEED DO DECIDE TO DO IT), be on the lookout for some possible single releases, mixtapes, exclusives, etc.


DJ Form

4 thoughts on “Incorporated Elements & DJ Form Album

  1. Independent artists. I think with your names attached to such an incredible concept for an album, I think this would give independent artists an awesome push into the spotlight. Why have big-name acts when all we ever heard on the radio already is big-name musicians? 😛 But hey, maybe having KC or someone like that, I wouldn’t be too opposed!! 😀

    When it comes to the type of music, I think that’s up for you to decide. After all, although you are going to put your heart and soul into anything you do, you would moreso into something that just “feels right at time”. So if you feel like rap is the way to go, do it. If you feel like country will never be the way to, never do it (haha). If you feel rock or pop is what you’re really itching to write, do it.
    But honestly, I’m so glad you are asking input from fans. It means a lot to everyone.


  2. Incorporated Elements + DJ Form album? Sign me up. I’d love to purchase one. It would be cool to hear a mix of genres, much like you guys post regularly. I’m definitely leaning towards more of the unsigned/indie artists – probably gives you more leeway for creativity. Good luck, IE team.

  3. I’d love to be apart of, support and share this project with others. I am available for BGVs, songwriting, promotions/marketing and any other creative development/input desired.

    Please keep in touch and best wishes in all you do.

    Terron Austin (Cincinnati, Ohio – singer/songwriter/producer)

  4. From what I’ve heard come from i.e. already – I’d buy it. I think the question of going indie / established shouldn’t be either/or . . I think you should try to go for both which will give the album a breadth of artistry and some depth for i.e. as you’ll be able to ‘signature’ some tracks more than others. Genre? Let the creativity lead! Don’t plan it out too much – just enjoy the process and the listener will enjoy the fruit of it. Blessings!

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