DJ Form – Summer 2013 Jump Off Club Mix!

We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had any posts here, and we apologize for taking so long. A lot has happened since the last post, and we’ll be updating you on all of those things as they become relevant to the future of Incorporated Elements.

One thing we are looking at is doing a redesign of the site here, giving it a bit of a fresh look for 2013 and beyond. Hopefully that will come in the next week or so. Be on the lookout for much more from us in the near future, but first….

Here in the U.S., we are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend which is the official beginning of our Summer. This weekend is filled with lots of parties and outdoor activities, so DJ Form has come back with a high energy mixtape to be the soundtrack to your festivities. If you’re not in the U.S. or not celebrating Memorial Day Weekend, this mix is still for you. It’s guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping and get you ready for any parties, dancing, or get-togethers this weekend…or just roll down the windows in your car and let it blast as you drive!

Mixed like a live club set, DJ Form gives you over an hour of your favorite music edited, remixed, and mixed together seamlessly.

For those of you who have followed DJ Form as a tour DJ and are fans of the last artist he toured with extensively, there are a couple surprises in this mix just for you…including an exclusive Incorporated Elements remix to one of her latest hit singles that is very dear to us not available anywhere else.

Enjoy and spread the word for everyone you know to come here and download it for FREE!  Check other posts on the site here for more free downloads.

Thanks again for all of your support. It really means the world to us.

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