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Hey, all, I am starting a new weekly update here on the blog called, “Put It On Blast” to share with you all some of my favorite music and artists at the moment.  Today’s is going to be just a very quick one, because I want to get it out there fast for you all to hear.

In this music industry crowded with sound-a-likes and wannabes, genuine, true artistry deserves the chance to stand out and be heard by the masses.  One such group is JOHNNYSWIM.  Made up of husband and wife duo  Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, JOHNNYSWIM is definitely worth a listen (or a few hundred listens).  Check the video for their new single and their YouTube channel to become an instant fan!

If you have something you want me to check out, tweet me (@djform7 or @inc_elements) with the hashtag #djformputitonblast

DJ Form

Heart Beats – JOHNNYSWIM

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