DJ Form – Club Life Vol. 2 Mixtape

Alright, I’m not sure if this is going to LOOK right or cool, because I’m doing the posting this time. Our blog setup/posting guru, Nate Thacker is out at the moment.

But, if it doesn’t look as cool as his posts, let’s at least hope it sounds great.

Here’s a new mix of some of the hottest club/dance/pop songs out there. Download, enjoy, dance, spread the link around to everyone in the world…repeat!

Part 2 of this mix is coming next Wednesday, so bump this one for all your weekend activities and get ready for more!

If you enjoy the mix, tweet the link out to all the artists who you hear in the mix, so they can enjoy it too!

Peace and blessings!
DJ Form

6 thoughts on “DJ Form – Club Life Vol. 2 Mixtape”

  1. Way too many cheesy “dj” sound effects, 7-12 min mark is a total buzz kill, not danceable cause it’s too much choppy noise. This is not working for me but I do like the remixes you put out. Went to vegas recently and heard some great djs that were playing fun dancy music with out the pretense. Their overall goal to get people in the mood with a great set and get um on the dance floor. Good luck, look forward to hearing some more stuff.

  2. There are no dj sound effects in the mix at all…anything that you think sounds like that must be in the original song…so, find out what that song is and comment on their page. Also, the 7-12 minute mark that you’re referring to is a Skrillex song. I did no remixing to his song, so your beef on that song is with him. By the way, he’s pretty popular in case you didn’t know. 🙂

    I appreciate your comments, but I suggest that you really learn your music styles and artists before you comment on people’s mixes. thanks.

  3. No beef with anyone. You are the director/composer of this ensemble of music, I personally don’t think it works well together. Music is universal, I don’t think I should have to be an expert in order to know what I like and comment on it, a kid in any part of the world can listen to this on a low-fi radio and have the right not to like it regardless of previous music knowledge. You did ask “let me know what you think?” Sorry, I didn’t know you only wanted positive feedback. And popular is not always good, Unfortunately in this day and age, a trite musician can fill up a stadium. Good luck, I will continue to support.

  4. It’s all good…I welcome constructive criticism. I was just explaining that the things you mentioned that you didn’t like were inherent in the original tracks I was mixing. So, for you to comment that you didn’t like those tracks as a part of the mix is totally cool. I disagree with you, though, because I think Skrillex is a very talented guy, and obviously I like his tracks enough to include them in a mix. Thanks for the support.

  5. This mix is huge! Every song you put into this is danceable, even the Skrillex, you just have to be into the dubstep stuff. Can you keep me posted when you put new stuff up online?

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