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  1. Other than Music Xray is there any other way to submit to the ‘Love Songs needed for Tv Placement’ opp? And will y’all accept a hip-hop type love genre?

  2. Good morning,

    I submitted a song of mine for a film placement on Music Xray, and Ric Robbins got back to me letting me know that him and his team would like to keep in touch about working with me on other projects in the future, and requested I send some of my other original material to him and his team.

    Was interested in staying connected and sending over some new material for the team, and would like to know which email would be best to use for music direct samples?

    Thank you,

    Marisa Nikole

  3. Good afternoon,

    While browsing on Ditto Music I came across an opportunity posted by Ric Robbins / Incorporated Elements for a classical piece pertaining to a 2019 film. I composed this piece two weeks ago and anyone that has heard it said it should be in a movie. Initially, I wasn’t going to release it because I typically release Hip Hop music. However, when I came across the opportunity I thought why not? So through my label, today, I set a release date for August 2nd. I have uploaded it to Soundcloud and will paste the link below so you can review and decide if it fits for what you’re looking for. Thank you for you time. Hope you dig it!


  4. Hi
    I am an ex professional singer/songwriter from South Wales. I no longer write or perform publicly for very personal reasons, which means I have a lot of material -previously unpublished that I would love to get placed or used. Its currently gathering virtual dust on my hard drive.
    It would be great if you could listen to one or two tracks – as I think the would be great for TV/Film opportunities.
    Im happy to answer any questions about myself and my music in the first instance.
    Kind regards

  5. Hi Ric,

    I came across a posting for ‘new age or classical based tracks for a 2019 film release’ on MusicXray. I’m weary of this site and wanted to know if this is still something you are actively searching for? If so, I will send through some selections that may be a good fit.

    Thank you,

  6. hi there. i heard that you’re seeking for an emotional song that is sentimental in nature for a movie. i’m interested to submit one. how do i do it?

  7. Hi,

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  8. Greetings, Im looking for some help demonstrating my catalogue . I would like to submit some of my work to you and your team. Hit me back if this is possible and I appreciate your time.


  9. Attn Ric Robbins,
    Dear Mr Robbins,

    I submitted a song ‘More than a Shot’ via Music Xray about 1 month ago and got very positive feedback from you, saying the song was close to what you were looking for but not quite fit as well as another submission. So close but yet so far!

    I Include here a link of my song ‘More than a Shot’ to refresh your memory:
    I am glad you liked the song and I thank you for the feedback.

    I am writing to let you know that I have a huge catalogue of pre-cleared material in several different styles and Genres.

    If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me at with any specifics of what you’re looking for. I can even create production music to spec, at short notice.

    Thank you
    Steve Kopandy

  10. Hey, I am a producer from Christchurch, New Zealand. I came across your company searching for people to help further my music an possible partner ship, My SoundCloud is Dapper Drums, but I have instrumentals that are not on there I would be willing to share if you are interested. Thanks for your time, Nick

  11. Dear Incorporated Music

    i would like to submit some of my exclusive music to your label.

    Piano dramatic tracks which i believe is suiteable for TV/Film.
    Ive included under here Streaming Links to my tracks

    Kind Regards


    1.Tension Feeling

    2.Silent Walls


    4.Theres Hope

  12. Hi

    I am a song writer from Birmingham, UK. I would like to understand if it is possible to submit music for review?

    Currently I have a pop track with EDM elements that could be placed with a female artist.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  13. Hello Ric,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Your name and company came up a couple of times in our google search and so I decided to reach out.

    I am mailing you from my production collective, Hook Line Syncr because we may have some material that is of interest to you.

    This is our website link
    You will see a lot of sample cuts on the home page. We have vocal and instrumental cuts on there but if something sounds appealing or appropriate to you please mail us back we would love to hear from you.

    We can make bespoke cuts for anything in specific that you may be needing but the website sample cuts is a good indication of our work.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.


  14. Hi
    I’m Ayoub and i am a producer (:
    i have a few songs to you.
    I’m eager to work with you and i believe that i can be useful to you and music community .
    so how can i send my songs to you ?

    thanks for reading and answering .

  15. Hi Incorporated Elements,

    Tonotopic Records has a number of artists with great songs ready to sync, would you consider working with us on this?

    Best wishes,

  16. Hello. My name is Del. From Miami. I am a songwriter/producer with a successful track history from Pitbull to Ricky Martin. Are you current;y in search of music for artists, movies or video games? I have an extensive catalog. Thank you

  17. Hello Inc. Elements. I am able to provide you about 20 great love songs, created by pro musicians only, in various styles as per your request concerning music for the upcoming movie. I am a media & entertainment attorney looking for a no strings attached collaboration. As I have a deal with my clients I am able to submit all songs and give you 50% of the publishing rights of every song that is placed in the movie. Let me know if you are interested. By the way: submitting to Music X-Ray is not an option for me. Regards, Cornelis Rietveld.

  18. Good Morning!

    My name is Mike DiGiacomo, manager of Austin Giorgio; young pop/jazz crooner who worked with Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton this past year. I stumbled upon your website through a friend of mine in the production side of the business. Not sure if you are looking for a unique pop sound but Austin’s album, Crooner, which will be released on Jan 30th of this year may have some songs that interest you in regards to placements.

    > EPK With Songs and Press Release:

    Mike DiGiacomo

  19. Hi Man,
    This is Marco Spedaliere, multinstrumentalis (saxophones, trumpet, trombone, duduk, programming and arranging) and composer from Italy.

    I’d like to submit you my music and my ability.

    Thanks in advance

  20. Hi my name is JBATTLE I’m a songwriter from Tampa, Florida take a peak at my Catalog its only 3 songs so far It Was All A Dream Ft. Pimp Ace,
    Black Love Ft. Aisha Hadley and My Pain Ft. Aisha Hadley all written by JBATTLE

  21. My name is David Bondze-Mbir, I am from Ghana, West Africa. I am songwriter, composer and singer (Unsigned). I’d really love for you to grant my sample song an audience. My Music is written and composed with you in mind. And with you at heart, I pour myself into my songs. I believe I have the unique ability to write and compose revealing nuanced lyrics and melodies that capture the ebb and flow of life. And, I would want to be a part of your team. I have over 85+ songs in different genres written in my song book. Please find attached to this message an audio file of one of my sample songs.

    Thank you for listening.

    1. Artist: David Bondze
    Title: There’s Something Within
    Contact: +233 26 354 79 67
    Stream URL:

  22. We are ALCHIMY, a Folk-Fusion Songwriters, Composers, Multi InstrumentL Players and Singers Trio.
    We are passionate by music composing all the time and doing everything we can and everything we got to achieve our musicals goals!
    We want to Live out of our music totaly and completly and full time ! We have no problem to change contries, to live somewhere else or to go on tour for months, years or more !

    We are having ready 2 albums ready or in an other word, 22 songs mixed and mastered professionally perfectly with a very good sound ready for FM and internet radios and televisions + Many songs not recorded yet and many new songs not recorded also beceause so far we have paid every single things we have done in music !!!

    This to tell you how DETERMINATED WE ARE !!!


    OUR SECOND ALBUM BEYOND THE SHADES has been recorded in Minneapolis-USA in 2 sessions of 10 days each ! This has been a incredible good time recording in usa !
    We shurly love it much morE than a lot !
    This album has been written and composed by ALCHIMY in 2017-2018 in Geneva Switzerland.
    All Rights for all songs belongs to #ALCHIMY Trio such as : #LoaneR #CélineT #NathalieS
    We are the only composers of each songs and we are not under any contracts still yet now the 11.04.2019.

    Recording Studio, F5SoundHouse Minneapolis-USA 2017-2018
    Mixing and Masteuring : Studio des Forces Motrices Geneva Switzerland David Weber 2017-2018

    Compositor, songwriter, multi Instrumental player and the 3 Lead singers are :
    Loane R : Multi instrumental composer, multiple guitars player and composer, bass guitar composer, percussions composer, keyboard composer.
    All songs and all instruments composer.
    In General :
    Multi instrumental player, first lead vocal singer, and founder of ALCHIMY band.

    Nathalie S: Lyrics writter, songwriter, vocals melodies composer, vocal arragements, second lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.

    Céline T : Vocal arrangements, third lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.

    The Great Additionnal Musiciens that are playing with us on our album: Album Beyond The Shades are from Minneapolis USA and Catalogne and they all have recorded at F5Soundhouse Studio.

    – Dani Palou i Rubio : Drums and Percussions ( From Catalogne)
    – Karl Koopman : Electrics and slide Guitars( Minneapolis)
    – Cody MCKINNEY : Bass Guitars ( Minneapolis )
    – Rob Meanny : Keyboards Player ( Minneapolis )
    – Zack River : Cello Player ( Minneapolis )


    « All three founding members not only take the lead from song to song, they most often sing together, as a well-blended group of character-filled troubadours. » “David Rubene, Twin citiesmédia Minneapolis USA”
    Social Networks!
    – AlchiMy Chercheur d’or Album new press released on music street journal:
    – No More Division (National) Minneapolis – Usa / July 2016 d-or
    – Twin Cities Media (Local) Minneapolis – Usa / Juy 2016 : july-14th-preview/
    – KFAI (Interview on Bonjour MN) 7/12/16 / By Dana Bogema, Caryl Minnetti :
    – Alchimy interview with A.V.A Live Radio and American Pride Magazine :
    – AlchiMy is on the Air with MuseBoat Radio :
    – Alchimy magazine interview with The Fan Connection.Net
    AlchiMy song Liberté is on free donwload on soundcloud and has 40.000 Viewers!
    Kind Regards
    Nathalie Songwriter for ALCHIMY
    00 41 79 233 22 26

  23. Hey Guys, are you receiving song submissions?
    i would like very much to send you my first EP for consideration, my name is Dave Carey, songwriter/musician.
    all songs are fully mastered and to high quality.

    thank you
    Kind regards

  24. I am very interested in speaking to someone about gaining permission to use a song of yours on a promotional video.

    Please let me know what would be the best way to proceed.

  25. Dear Incorporated Elements,

    I am interested in applying for any available roles in composition and music production at Incorporated Elements. I am a recent Northeastern University graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Music Recording. As part of my education, I have had three 6-month internships in a variety of exciting companies including: Bose Corporation, Boston Digital and the WGBH Educational Foundation. While in college I have worked on multiple musical projects for a variety of groups in the Boston area. I believe that my passion for music production and my professional experience in project management make me an ideal candidate to join Incorporated Elements.

    During my time as a student at Northeastern University, I have produced and engineered two full-length albums: Albany Girls, by Jack FU, and The Wave At The Edge of The Waterfall, by Jera’s will, as well as one single: A Midwinter’s Nightmare by The 364 Project. Additionally, I mixed and mastered an EP titled: When the Lights Go Low, by the Flam Flams. Most recently I mastered an EP titled: Pastoria I, by the SlapJacks. I am currently working to finish another full-length album, which I have composed and produced. I am expecting to release this project on August 31st 2019.

    As a Business Operations Co-op at the WGBH Educational Foundation, I had the unique opportunity to work as Assistant Engineer for multiple productions in the WGBH Fraser Recording Studio including: Video Game Orchestra, Air Traffic Controller, and the John Stein Trio to name a few.

    In my time as a Project Manager at Bose Corporation, I compiled revenue and macroeconomic data into reports that informed high impact decision making throughout the organization. While working on a potential revenue model and reporting process for our Distribution Network Optimization group, I provided the data necessary to inform our indirect sales strategy. While working with the Global Retail team, I used financial reports and third-party data to design and implement a reporting process used to measure the success of a Saas solution called Brickwork. I wish to bring these skills to Incorporated Elements so that I may continue to pursue music composition and production.

    I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you if you feel that I would be a strong candidate for any role in your organization. Please take a look at my portfolio: and resume: Feel free to call me anytime at: (203) 804-3131 so that we may speak further, and set up a time to speak in person. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jack Einbinder

  26. I made a going away video with random videos and pictures of myself at work and I wanted to use the song Ooh Aah by Grits in it. I’ve purchased the song and the CD but I’m
    Wondering how does one get permission to utilize the music?

  27. Hello, I am a music artist and I would like to connect with someone who can potentially place my music for me. I make good and clean music from various generes. I am currently promoting my single “Good Vibes Only” which is a Pop hit. I look forward to hearing from you

  28. How can I go about adding 15 seconds of “Ooh Ahh” on my podcast, Free Basketball, as my introduction?

  29. Dear Incorporated Elements
    We are an artist couple from iran and we are working on folkloric and Iranian classic genre music.
    You can view a small demo,stration of our work in the following address @ebadnaseri for recording and distributing our music and also performing our concert , we need financial support.I assure you that you will be amazed by our cooperation.If possible, please support us.
    Best Regards,
    Instagram: @ebadnaseri
    Whatsapp: 0090_5050_0883_92

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