Open letter to the music biz…

Hey, music biz, here’s a hint on how to get people to pay for more music…PUT OUT GOOD FULL ALBUMS, and people will buy them!  Consumers can now preview 90 seconds of songs on iTunes, so you had better be putting out good artists who make good albums.  I know that the model of iTunesContinue reading “Open letter to the music biz…”

2010 was great, but 2011 is going to be better!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank everyone for all of your support of me (DJ Form) and Incorporated Elements in 2010.  We experienced some great things this year.  Just a couple were: 1.  I did the All I Ever Wanted World Tour with some of the greatest people on the planet…not toContinue reading “2010 was great, but 2011 is going to be better!”

Ooh Ahh still strong on the iTunes charts!

Grits’ hit ‘Ooh Ahh’ is still on the itunes hip hop/rap charts, sitting comfortably at #32. It has been as high as #28. We’re working hard, trying to get it to break the top 20! Thank you all for all the support so far-keep spreading the word!

Ooh Ahh climbing the iTunes charts!

With the debut of the new MTV show, The Buried Life a few days ago, there has been a huge resurgence of the song “Ooh Ahh” by Grits.  This song was co-written by Ric “DJ Form” Robbins and produced by Incorporated Elements.  It has already been used in such films as “Fast And Furious: TokyoContinue reading “Ooh Ahh climbing the iTunes charts!”

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls (Incorporated Elements Remix)

Another remix from the Incorporated Elements crew. Throw this on your iPods and enjoy the vibe. Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls (Remix) by Incorporated Elements Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls (Remix Instrumental) by Incorporated Elements

DJ Form’s Top Songs of 2009

(based loosely on my iTunes Most Played Playlist, and some others that I just really like) Not all of these were released in 2009, but this is the year that I really listened to them. I’ve split this up in two lists, since my tastes are so widely varied… Most of you will think I’mContinue reading “DJ Form’s Top Songs of 2009”