#freeformfriday – Just.Live

Alright folks, real quick but important #freeformfriday post. As some of you know by now, Incorporated Elements is working with the hip-hop group, Just.Live on some amazing new stuff. But, in the meantime, while we work on all that, they’re releasing some really cool new music, videos, merch, and apps to get fans excited forContinue reading “#freeformfriday – Just.Live”

Ric and the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase.

  Here is Ric with his Next Great Dynamic Blog Post! Enjoy! Hey, all! Just wanted to give a quick update on the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase that I was involved in this past weekend. Dynamic Producer is a great company that is really trying to give up-and-coming producers some cool opportunities. They askedContinue reading “Ric and the Next Great Dynamic Producer Showcase.”

Why A&R’s should just be A&R’s (most of the time)

Okay, so, I’m going to do a quick blog to clarify my statement on twitter from yesterday.  I said that I think A&R people should JUST be A&R people and not songwriters and producers too.  If you are not in the music industry, you may not really have any idea why I would say this. Continue reading “Why A&R’s should just be A&R’s (most of the time)”