DJ Form: End Of Summer Pop Mixtape!

Summer is coming to an end, but it’s not too late to party a little more! And, if you do, here’s a fun little mixtape of some of the biggest pop songs of the year so far.

Not taking himself too seriously, DJ Form of Incorporated Elements blends some hot pop songs and cool remixes together as the soundtrack to your last hurrah of the summer of 2012. If you are a music snob…this mix is NOT for you…fair warning…it’s just good, clean fun.

Enjoy…and, as always, share, pass the link around, tell the world!

thanks again for all of your support of all things Incorporated Elements.

More new music and surprises coming soon!

I.E. and Gotye! Somebody That I Used To Know Remix!!!

Okay. Before you roll your eyes at the fact that ANOTHER set of producers is remixing this song- just hold on a second would ya? I.E. had to do it. I.E. style. I.E. fashion. This is another one of our more mellowed-out, smooth jams. We decided to swap out the quirkiness of the original with a little emotion to go with the lyrical content. So turn your lamps down low and chill to the sultry-smooth; altogether-hide-inside-yourself version of this song.



P.S. – We apologize for leaving you guys hanging so long between NMW posts. We’ve been working on some great things for the future of I.E. over here, so it’s been tough to keep up with posting every week. With the relaunch of NMW this week, we are going to do our best to give you new music to download at least twice a month. We’ll shoot for more, but it may be more realistic for us to give you cool stuff if we only commit to two in a month. But, be on the lookout for more officially released music and songs from Incorporated Elements…we’ve been working on some really awesome things that will be rolling out over the coming months!

NMW! The Music Behind The Remixes!

This week for New Music Wednesday, we are going to do something we’ve never done before. We have created an album of some of our best remix instrumentals. If you’ve enjoyed the full versions of these songs, you’ll love the instrumentals too. You can rock out to them and even put your own vocals on them and send them to us, so we can hear you sing or rap over an IE track!

We are using Noisetrade for the first time, so please let us know what you think of it. We are offering this album for free, as we do with all of our NMW, but on Noisetrade, there is an option to pick a “tip” amount if you’d like. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO GIVE US A TIP. If you want to support us that way, we definitely appreciate it, because it gives us the opportunity to be able to spend the time to create even more for you guys. But, you are not required to leave a tip to get the album. And, if you do decide to tip, you can slide the little “slider-thingy” to change the amount…you don’t have to tip what they have requested on the site.

There are other ways for you to help promote this on our Noisetrade artist page, so feel free to help us out by promoting it too.

We are really trying to find the absolute best ways to get free music to you and promote Incorporated Elements the best way possible.  So, your feedback is appreciated.

This is a Noisetrade exclusive album, so make sure you pick it up there, because it’s the only place you’ll be able to get it…ever…no, really…ever. 🙂


NMW! Jessie J – Domino (IE Remix)

This week, we remixed another Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly and Jessie J smasher! Of course, you know IE needs to take it to a whole ‘nother sector. So we do what we did how we do it and are really enjoying listening to this one! We hope you all enjoy and spread the word that IE does it like no one else in the game!

Bump, bump away!!!


NMW and Next Week’s NMW!!!

Hey peoples!

We are in the process of working on two brand new remixes for y’alls ears. We gave you a little taste of what next weeks will be, and if you’ve been observant, you may already know what the one after that will be 😉

We’re really excited about this next phase for I.E.. Last year we made a move to focus on our strengths. This year, will be one of NEW music and OUR sound. We’ve decided to stop putting ourselves in the boxes of what the industry is sounding like at the moment and focus on how we will be shaping the sound of the industry in the future and we’re pretty excited about it!

We’ll also be continuing to do our best to keep you all in the loop with updates on things that are happening @inc_elements and posting as much new music as we can. Obviously, as you’ve all seen, we haven’t been able to be as consistent as we want to be with our blog and posting new music and with that, we thank you for being so supportive and patient. While we may not be able to hit EVERY Wednesday with a NMW, WE GON’ TRY DANGIT!!!!  So, that being said….

This NMW is a track that we did back in ’08! It was one Eric and I did before we officially teamed up with Ric as the @inc_elements you know and love today! Back then, we were called Winona Drive Productions and as you will hear, we loved to save what we thought were the best bits of the song for last. Generally, we would start the song really tiny and slow-build to a gigantic, speaker-pounding finish around the five-minute mark, not to mention our never-ending, ever-loving, love affair with off-the-wall outros! Looking back, we were very self-indulgent, and it was…just fantastic. Take a trip down WDP memory lane with us won’t you? Enjoy!

WD-,,,,I mean, IE:)

We also have a propensity for weird track names:)

NMW! This one’s a bit different, but we think you’ll enjoy…


Okay, it’s Wednesday, so that means it’s NMW time.  We are CRAAAAZY busy working on a bunch of new things, so we didn’t have time to put together a whole new mixtape, remix, or song this week.  But, we didn’t want to leave you empty handed either.  Here is a tease of a new remix we’re working on…see if you can guess which song it’s for.  Leave your guesses below in the comments, please.

Also, for our new followers and subscribers…or for anyone who may not have these past NMW downloads yet, here are a few treats for you to download as well.

Please pass this blog link to everyone you know, so the whole world can share this journey with us.  We thank you all so much for your continued support of us!  We could NOT do this without you.

And, as always, we welcome your requests for new remixes, songs to put in mixtapes, and artists who you think we should work with.  If you have an acappella of a song you want us to remix, let us know…we might just do it. 🙂

Until next time…blessings upon you and yours!

Ric, Eric, and Nate

Incorporated Elements

DJ Form Club Life Vol. 3

It’s New Music Wednesday, er Friday!

Okay, here it is! A couple days late due to several unforeseen events, projects, and sicknesses that popped up. I apologize for the delay. I hope you enjoy this one. I wasn’t able to spend quite as much time planning it out as I’d like to, but I’m happy with how it came out.

Grab it at the link below and bump it for all your weekend activities. If you are having a Super Bowl Party, make sure you have all of my latest mixes and Incorporated Elements remixes and original songs here on the site…download them all and play them back to back for like 4 hours of non-stop music! 🙂

I have 3 other requests of you on this beautiful Friday:

1. Comment below with ideas for songs or mixes that you want to hear me do in the future…I’d love to make a mixtape of ALL fan requests.

2. Comment with any blogs or sites where you think we should be posting links to our NMW downloads to help get the music out to more and more people.

3. Have a safe and fun weekend, and remember to treat others with all the love and respect that you would like to receive.

thanks again for all of your awesome support!

DJ Form

DJ Form – Club Life Vol. 2 Mixtape

Alright, I’m not sure if this is going to LOOK right or cool, because I’m doing the posting this time. Our blog setup/posting guru, Nate Thacker is out at the moment.

But, if it doesn’t look as cool as his posts, let’s at least hope it sounds great.

Here’s a new mix of some of the hottest club/dance/pop songs out there. Download, enjoy, dance, spread the link around to everyone in the world…repeat!

Part 2 of this mix is coming next Wednesday, so bump this one for all your weekend activities and get ready for more!

If you enjoy the mix, tweet the link out to all the artists who you hear in the mix, so they can enjoy it too!

Peace and blessings!
DJ Form

NMW! Ashley Arrison – Hearts On Parade


This week for NMW, we are releasing a remix that many of you might already have.  It’s our remix of “Hearts On Parade” by our good friend, Ashley Arrison.  This is one of our favorite remixes we’ve done, so we wanted to get it out there even more.  We realize that she has been giving it away for a while now, so alot of you guys may already have been bumpin’ this one for months.  But, we love her  and the remix so much, we wanted to make it available on our end as well.  If you don’t have her latest album, go support her and BUY it in the link provided below!

Ashley Arrison on iTunes

Ashley Arrison – Hearts on Parade (IE Remix) by incorporatedelements

NMW!!! First-Of-The-Year Surprise!

We’re back with a surprise for the first NMW of the year!!! We’re pretty confident you’re going to love it, which will then cause you to run and tell everyone you know and spam and blast every website on the webiverse until the day it falls apaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrt!!! GO!!!

IE baby!