With three Grammy nominations and several million albums sold, Incorporated Elements is quite possibly one of the best production teams that you’ve NEVER heard of. With his humble beginnings as a DJ/producer for the underground rap group Grits, Incorporated Elements founder Ric ‘DJ Form’ Robbins grew in popularity as the albums he worked on began to sell more and more with each release. He has now worked on over 75 albums as a producer, writer, DJ, musician, or programmer.

Incorporated Elements has also had tracks and songs featured in over 450 television shows, movies, advertisements, and video games, including the feature films, “Something’s Gotta Give” with Jack Nicholson, “Spanglish” with Adam Sandler, “The Perfect Man” with Hilary Duff, “Big Momma’s House 2” with Martin Lawrence, “Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift”, and more. They seem to have an uncanny ability to know how to make music that fits with visuals like a movie or TV scene, commercial, or a video game.

Coming from a DJ perspective, Ric’s strengths lie firmly based in the beat, the groove, and knowing what types of songs ‘move the crowd.’ However, he has begun to fine-tune his skills to the point where pop and rock acts (including Multi-Platinum artist, Kelly Clarkson) are now seeking Incorporated Elements’ services to solidify their sound.

“Knowing what sounds good with each particular artist, and being able to make that happen for them, is what I consider to be my forte,” says Ric. He goes on to say, “We don’t try to mold an artist into ‘our sound,’ rather, we try to fit our skills into their style and personality as an artist.”

Incorporated Elements (I.E. for short) also specializes in artist development, publishing, licensing, and music supervision. “We want to help nurture and raise up the next 25-50 great producers and artists as well. If we can pass on a legacy that will be 100x bigger than us, we will have been successful.”

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