Believer – Easy McCoy feat. Nehemiah (Produced by Incorporated Elements)

It’s finally here!  The long-awaited full-length video for Easy McCoy’s timely new song, “Believer” feat. Nehemiah.  Nate Thacker, Eric Olson, and Ric “DJ Form” Robbins (Incorporated Elements) produced it for Easy McCoy, and the video amazingly captures the emotion and urgency of the song.

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Incorporated Elements

Adele – Hello (remix) #freeformfriday

For this #freeformfriday, DJ Form got together with new collaborator, Hawksilver Productions to do a cool, new remix instrumental of Adele’s worldwide smash, “Hello.”  All that is needed are some amazing vocals to go on it.  Of course, we are open to Adele singing it :-)…but, we would love to hear your version of it!  If you want to do a cover of “Hello” using our remix instrumental, send it to us and tag us if you upload it.  There might even be a prize for the best cover.

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Be on the lookout for many more Incorporated Elements & Hawksilver Productions collaborations!


#freeformfriday – Just.Live

Alright folks, real quick but important #freeformfriday post. As some of you know by now, Incorporated Elements is working with the hip-hop group, Just.Live on some amazing new stuff. But, in the meantime, while we work on all that, they’re releasing some really cool new music, videos, merch, and apps to get fans excited for what’s ahead. Do not sleep on these cats. It all begins below…

Just.Live Zombie Game

Zombie (single) – Just.Live

#tbt We Don’t Play – Grits (Produced by Incorporated Elements)

This is taking it back a few years, but I still love this song, and we had so much fun making it. Hope you enjoy!  Like, subscribe, comment, and share…please!


tRapMusic Vol. 1

When I put out my last mixtape of EDM/Dance music, I mentioned that my next series of mixes would be a bit different. Well, here’s part one! If you enjoy hard hitting trap and hip-hop beats and remixes; and some classic rap verses…you’ll dig this mix. Stream it below or directly from Mixcloud. Download link is in the works, and I’ll post that when it’s available.

DJ Form

TRapMusic Vol. 1 by Dj Form on Mixcloud

DJ Form Smashes The Dancefloor!

For your summer parties, pool hangouts, get togethers, or just to get your groove on to, DJ Form has cooked up a trilogy of high energy dance and EDM mixes.  More details coming soon on where/how to download them, but in the meantime, click the links to start the party!!!!


DJ Form remixes YouTubers Zoella and Joe Sugg

So, my family loves to watch YouTube.  They have even begun posting videos on their own channels (GabyRobbins, MayaBellaForm, BaconBot360, and PrincessForm).   A couple of their favorite YouTubers are Zoella and Joe Sugg.  I’ll have to admit, I really enjoy their videos too even though I’m not a huge partaker in YouTube consumption…yet.  So, when they showed me the hilarious outtake video “Ummm…” video, I knew I had to do a remix of it.  I mean, it was just too perfect.

So, here it is.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Please comment and leave a thumbs up on the video on YouTube if you dig it.  Feel free to share it a few million times as well.  This was a lot of fun to do, so definitely look out for more of these from me.  If you have any ideas for new remixes from videos or YouTubers that you watch, let me know in the comments.  🙂

Until next time,

DJ Form